Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a business owner and I simply cannot find enough time to grow my business. I am too busy with the day to day operations necessary to keep the business running (i.e. sales, accounting, payroll, etc.). How can you help me free up some time so I can focus on growing the business?

For some clients, we simply serve as an open resource. We believe the focus of a business owner should be on growing his or her business. We realize there is a big temptation to do it all yourself to save money. But think about this: Most successful business people have learned that freeing up more time to spend running a business results in increased revenues. It is simply a matter of balance. You let us know what types of accounting, tax preparation, and planning support your business needs and J. McCaleb CPA Firm will develop a customized program tailored to meet your requirements.

I already have an accountant. How would I benefit from talking with your accounting firm?

First, our initial consultations are free. There are no fees or hidden costs. We believe you will find that not all accounting firms offer the same types of services, and fees vary. Our initial meeting with you is your opportunity to explore potential tax compliance and process improvements with our team. In some cases, our initial consultations are used by prospective clients to validate a current tax strategy they are pursuing, and for our team to propose the next steps to sustain and optimize these outcomes.